Sadly we have gone from this!

Mike Cawthorne

To this!

Welcome to MAC Timbers

A Huge thank you,

To all of the Customers, Friends, Family and supporters of what we do.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who has donated to our Go Fundme page. This has inspired us to, as they say, "Rise from the Ashes".

The insurance company have now confirmed that we are covered for the building but not the contents.

The best news is two companies have come to our rescue. Felder UK and MWM machinery. The two Felder machines we had in the workshop are going to be replaced at an incredible price from Felder UK. These have now been ordered. MWM machinery have given us a Radial arm crosscut saw for free and have offered significant discounts on any other machinery we would like to purchase. We cannot thank these two companies enough.

With the help of Tom Twigger and Martin Wright we have also been able to source a table saw and morticing machine. Again these two have been stalwarts in getting us back into business. So a huge thank you to them.

Another thank you goes to Fred Smith who is helping immensly with the clear up of the site.

With your help, we will be back and once again able to supply the woodworking community with quality timber. Having said that we do still have a large stock of material. But we are currently limited on sizes.

If you are looking for full boards then please give us a call. We currently only have rough sawn timber available.

Mikes personal workshop

Sadly this has been destroyed by fire. He is determined to rebuild. So watch this space.

The workshop was completed in Oct 17 and comprised a full joinery and machine shop. Sadly this has all been lost to a catastrophic fire on the 29th April 2022.

Due to the very large stocks of English Elm now available we are able to offer 2" boards.

Please contact us for further information

See below for photos:

English Elm boards

English Elm boards for sale. Very large quantities being processed at best prices. Below is an example of what's available. Great for resin coffee tables and dining tables.

The Norwood Sawmill

Sadly we are unable to process wood as the sawmill was destroyed in the fire.

We would like to thank everyone who came to our open day on the 3rd April 2022. It was a great day and we really enjoyed seeing all of you again. A big thank you to Martin, Fred,  Ken. & Richard  for demonstrating as usual. A huge thank you to Yonks for providing the bbq and also a big thank you to all those who bought wooden boards. Despite the cold weather there was a very warm atmosphere throughout the day. It was also good to meet some new faces as well as seeing all the old ones too.

When visiting we would ask you to please take all necessary precuations for the sake of everyones health.

English Elm board
Wych Elm Platter turned by Martin Wright

Beautiful Wych Elm platter turned by Martin Wright. An example of some of the woods we stock

Our Norwood Sawmill

Our 4 mtr Kiln

News Bits

Anyone who knows Licolnshire wood supplies at Burleigh house should be aware they are no longer trading and the same applies to English hardwoods at Gedney.

We have now recovered large quantities of dried timber stock from our previous storage facility. This can now be viewed at our home location. A lot of this stock has been drying for nearly 5 years so is suitable for immediate use.  

We are always interested in finding new trees for processing. If you have a tree that is due to be cut down please give us a call. We are looking for trees that have a trunk girth of 16" (40cm) plus. Preferrably hardwood species only (Although some softwoods such as Yew, Wellingtonia (Giant redwood) and Cedar would be most welcome). We are not able to cut down the tree for you but we might be able to remove the larger bits once they are cut. We can only travel a maximum of 50 miles from our home destination near Oundle in Northants to collect any suitable trees.

Newark Show stand 2019