Sadly we have gone from this!

Mike Cawthorne

To this!

Welcome to MAC Timbers

On the 29th April 2022 we suffered a catastrophic fire that destroyed our workshop. You can see from the photos above what we had and what we were left with after the fire.

As of 23rd July 2022, we have secured funding from our insurance company who have been great. We have had financial help from friends and family, but we have also received over £14 thousand pounds from our dear customers  and supporters. For this we cannot express how grateful we are to you all. We have now taken down the Just giving links so please do not try to donate any further monies.

Mikes aim is to now have a new shop by late August / Sept up and running. It will take time to re-equip the workshop but with the fantastic help from our very special supporters Tom Twigger, Martin Wright & Fred Smith who have donated tools etc we are now ready to make a start. Below are some photos to prove to you that Myself and Rene will use your money wisely and with your help we will be fully operational again by October 2022. 

Once again we would like to thank everyone who has helped us to rebuild our lives! 

Progress is being made in the rebuild. the workshop and storage sheds are now up and the roof is on and ready for cladding.

With a bit of luck and good weather the electrics will be going in around the first of Oct.

The Original workshop was completed in Oct 17 and comprised a full joinery and machine shop. Sadly this has all been lost to a catastrophic fire on the 29th April 2022. But continue to watch this space as we rebuild.

This is what was left of our two Felder machines. 

Felder UK have agreed to replace both Machines at an amazing price so we would like to thank them for there fantastic customer support here is a link to their website if you are in the market for machinery. Felder-UK

Our Norwood Sawmill

Our original Norwood sawmill was also destroyed in the fire. Thanks to the support from our customers and friends we have now replaced this and will take delivery in the near future.

Our 4 mtr Kiln was undamaged by the fire but the electrical supply will need to be renewed

Our 4 mtr Kiln

We have also received fantastic support from MWM machinery in Bardon Hill in Leicestershire. They have kindly donated a Radial arm crosscut saw and Mike has now purchased a bandsaw and dust extractor at a very competative price. If you are in the area or are interested in what they do here is the link to their wedsite  MWMachinery. 

A great big thank you to the folks at MWM.

So With all that said back to business

English Elm boards for sale. Very large quantities being processed at best prices. Below is an example of what's available. Great for resin coffee tables and dining tables.

English Elm board
Wych Elm Platter turned by Martin Wright

Beautiful Wych Elm platter turned by Martin Wright. An example of some of the woods we stock

English Elm boards

We are always interested in finding new trees for processing. If you have a tree that is due to be cut down please give us a call. We are looking for trees that have a trunk girth of 16" (40cm) plus. Preferrably hardwood species only (Although some softwoods such as Yew, Wellingtonia (Giant redwood) and Cedar would be most welcome). We are not able to cut down the tree for you but we might be able to remove the larger bits once they are cut. We can only travel a maximum of 50 miles from our home destination near Oundle in Northants to collect any suitable trees.

Newark Show stand 2019