About us

I have been working with wood since the tender age of 15 after leaving school. After joining Peak Displays in 1961 I was allowed to attend college for 3 years and gained a City and Giulds in Carpentry and Joinery. After staying with Peak Displays till 1972 I took my leave to start up on my own teaching myself all the skills needed to become a Cabinet Maker and Turner.

In this period my reputation grew being known for fine quality and reliability where all my work came by word of mouth recomendation.

After 30 years experience and seeing far too many quality trees being chipped for garden mulch or ringed up for firewood, I decided that I would put a stop to this practice. In 2000 I purchased a Saw Mill and started to collect my own tree's and mill them into planks for use for Cabinet work. My partner Rene saw the amount of timber that was not suitable for cabinet work and suggested an outlet for the Turners and Carvers. Since then I have contacted various clubs in the area and supply them with a wide selection of both Carving and Turning blanks.

Over time I have managed to build a substancial client list of land owners with trees, that from time to time, need thinning or removal. The majority of my trees come from the local area within a radius of 50 miles.

As time marched on and my reputation grew I decided in 2008 to formalise my company as MAC Timbers.

Both Rene and myself enjoy meeting up with like minded people at our open days and are constantly amazed at the variety of skills they have. We have built up a long list of friends and customers and we look forward to meeting you at our new premises. Click Here for contact details

Some of our friends from the wood working world.

Mike Cawthorne